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Service is key to what we do...

We offer consultation and assistance in all core areas, regardless of whether you require individual or corporate assistance. It is important to us to view the organization as a whole. One often experiences different results, depending on the professional background of the consultant. If your consultant is a strong psychologist, it is likely that the organizational development will focus on growth and development of human resources. However, if your consultant has an engineering background, the focus will be on the structural and technical aspects of the business. If he or she has a managerial business background, they will focus on finance and controlling. For us, it is important that the organization is regarded in its full complexity and dependencies.
Of course, this has to be tied in with a sensible strategy, as integrated organizational development processes are more than organizational developments and restructuring processes alone. It is the job of a management consultancy to align the company according to a chosen strategy and then supervise the implementation process.

Our services include strategy consultation, organizational diagnoses, development of OE concepts, planning and guidance for mergers, out- and in-sourcing projects, and, upon request, also planning and execution of business process re-engineering projects, development of communications models including open-space and large public events, as well as coaching management for change processes.