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Management People

Hooman Ahranjani, D.Sc

Business Information Technologist


Corporate Communication

Corporate Development, HR & Strategy

Management People

Kate Banducci, LL.M.

Attorney at Law

Non-Executive Director

Legal Informatics

Legal Affairs & Governance

Management People

Bettina Ahranjani, B.A.

Retail Expert

Interim Management

Sr Consultant

Change Management

Management People

Keiko Matsudaira, D.Sc.


Business Unit Asia

Sr Consultant

Business Environment

Management People

Jeff Rice, D.Sc.

Software Architect

Business Unit America

Virtual Engineering

Information Technology

Management People

Samuel Richter, M.Sc.

Business Economist

Business Unit Europe

Sr Consultant

New Markets & Advertising

Management People

Cathy Len, M.A.

Financial Advisor

Planning & Controlling

Accounting, Tax

Information Management